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Welcome to Casual Craft's rules page!
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Quick Remarks:

  • Welcome to Casual-Craft! We strive to provide a safe and engaging community for members of all ages.
  • If you are applying with an inappropriate username your application will immediately be rejected, please make necessary changes ahead of time.
  • You are NOT allowed to have more than one Minecraft account whitelisted on the server.
  • Please spare 5 minutes of your time to read this page from start to finish, we will know if you read the whole page!

Disclaimer: All rules are subject to change at any given time and without notice, by applying and playing on the server you agree to all of our rules.

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  • Spawn is centered around coordinates 0,0 and has a square radius of 1000 blocks in each direction.
  • Please build your base outside of the spawn radius, you will know once you leave the area.
  • Please make sure you are following the build theme in the area you are building in and keep spawn clean.
  • You should not be making any automated, manual, or Redstone farms at spawn.
  • Mining or gathering resources is prohibited at spawn except in the designated areas.



  • No Cheating
    • Cheating is not allowed on the server, this includes anything that can give you an advantage or change the way the game is played, this includes but is not limited to x-raying, flying, free cam mods, duping (duping TNT entities is fine). Hacked clients are not allowed! You can safely use Optifine, Fabric, Shaders, Journey Map, Voxel Map, Litematica, NEI, WAILA, ItemSorter, etc.

  • No Griefing 
    • Griefing is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to, stealing, burning builds, breaking blocks, breaking & replacing blocks, killing entities, entering someone's base without permission, etc.

  • Redstone
    • Please be considerate with your Redstone builds, everyone on the server shares the server's resources. If staff notice your farms consistently affecting the server's performance you will have to downscale or change your design. Chunk loaders are not allowed, including any sort of Warden killswitches/ender pearl stasis chambers or anything else that keeps a non-spawn chunk constantly loaded.

  • AFKing
    • AFKing is allowed on the server however if staff notice the server's performance is struggling they may kick you if you are AFK at your farms. ONLY when server performance is back to normal you can continue your AFK session. Please be considerate with the number of farms you have running at a single time.

  • Entities
    • Please try to limit the number of entities your farm or base has at a time, we have entity cramming set to 24 and have a per-player mobcap system in place to evenly distribute mobs amongst players, please don't try to find a workaround. Please kill any excess entities in your farms, this includes villagers, animals, pets, etc.

  • Trading
    • There is no longer a minimum price requirement.

  • End Looting
    • The end is only so big, you are only allowed to loot 3 end cities per end-reset.

  • Nether Hub
    • The nether hub has two tunnels in each direction, you can make your tunnel anywhere however it is important that your tunnel goes straight to your portal and doesn't loop around.

  • Claiming
    • We try to keep things as vanilla as possible on the server which is why we don't have a land claiming plugin, that being said your base shouldn't exceed a 1000x1000 block area, it is important you make sure no one has built around you, its best to go as far away from spawn as possible to prevent this. Creating a physical border with blocks around your base region is a great idea. Mob spawners, fortresses, temples, etc., can be claimed but if you are inactive for a while, staff or other players may repurpose your claimed region.

  • Mining 
    • Do not x-ray. Staff get informed internally if you mine too many valuables within a short time.

  • Streamers
    • Everyone is allowed to stream and record on the server. We kindly ask you not to stream snipe anyone streaming, this includes but is not limited to, asking a streamer to join their voice call, going to someone's base while they're streaming, etc. Engage with the streamer in their chat as it was intended.

  • Lost Items
    • Sadly bugs and glitches happen, we cannot replace lost items as we don't have a way of knowing what and how your items were lost. Please don't let this demotivate you from playing as you can quickly get those items back.



  • English Only
    • Please keep all messages in English. We cannot moderate the chat if we don't know what you're saying.

  • Be Mature
    • Please be mature in chat. Casual-Craft is a drama-free zone.

  • No spamming
    • No spamming, flooding chat, spam mentions, etc. 

  • Respect Others
    • Treat everyone with respect, if there is an argument, don't join in. Report it to staff, they will deal with it. Racism, hate speech, harassment, bullying, sexist remarks, etc. is/are not tolerated here and will result in an instant ban.

  • Minimal Swearing
    • Minimal low-level swearing is tolerated. Swearing directly at someone, using any kind of slurs, sexual remarks, etc. is NOT tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. 

  • No Advertising
    • No advertising other Minecraft servers, products, paid services, etc. Advertising your YouTube, Twitch, Discord, etc. is allowed in our discord server in the appropriate channels.

  • No Begging
    • Don't beg or nag anyone including server members and staff for any free ranks, free items, free services, etc.

  • No Religion or Politics
    • No discussions about religion, politics, controversial topics, etc.

  • Respect Privacy
    • Please respect everyone's privacy, this includes but is not limited to, sharing, asking, obtaining anyone's IP address, personal information, etc.

  • Listen to Staff
    • Always listen to staff members, if you are found to be causing trouble or trying to start an argument you will be muted or punished accordingly.


Additional Notes:

  • Need Help? Message the @SUPPORT bot in our discord server to contact the staff team. Please refrain from pinging or messaging staff directly.

  • Consider joining our discord server to never miss another important announcement, link in the top menu bar.

  • We pride ourselves on being a fair and friendly Minecraft server and will always endeavor to address each situation individually when deciding on what level of action is appropriate if the rules are broken. Don't expect bans if you simply slip up, you will be given chances to play fair before that happens. Follow our simple common-sense rules and enjoy the game and community.